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Elk Grove Pools- Service Agreement

Please read through ALL of this information as it helps prevent confusion later down the road. This will be referred to as the Service Agreement.

100% satisfaction guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied with your weekly service, simply call our office within 24 hours of that service.

We will schedule a return trip within two business days.


Swimming pools must be in clean, swimming condition with operable equipment before service can begin. We will come out on the same day each week to perform the tasks outlined in your service level. The gate needs to be unlocked (or arrangements made) and there needs to be a clean and clear path to the pool & equipment. Any aggressive animals must be securely locked away.  You will receive a report after each visit detailing the chemical levels, actions taken, and any further actions needed. You are responsible for completing any tasks not included in your service level in a timely manner, i.e. brushing, leaf removal, etc.  In the event of a rain day or other extraordinary weather event, your service may be modified for our safety and expedience.


All filters must be cleaned at least 2 times each year. IF YOUR FILTER HAS NOT BEEN CLEANED FOR A LONG PERIOD, you may want to schedule a one-time cleaning to get it caught up. There is a fee for this.  If your service level includes filter cleaning, you can expect your first cleaning after 4 to 6 months.  Our filter cleanings are done at intervals of 6 months. Additional filter cleanings will incur a charge.  If you have opted to clean your own filters we ask that you text us a set of pictures each time you do so.  This allows us to see the cartridges and determine if they are in good condition. Include pictures of the filter housing, tops and bottoms of each filter, a close-up of the filter fabric itself, any manifolds and air bleed screens; essentially all the internal parts that we don’t get to see.


From time to time you will need to buy parts for your pool and equipment.  Customers are required to keep their systems in good working order. We will automatically install parts that are $40.00 or less.  If you do not want the part just let us know and we will remove it on your next service day. Many people buy parts online. Most items purchased online DO NOT have a manufacturer's warranty.  We will charge an appropriate fee to install certain parts based on the time required to do so.


Our service technicians are very skilled and can correct many problems during your weekly service visit.  However, in order to service all our customers pools each day, there is a limit to how long we can spend at each stop.  If a problem requires more time to diagnose/repair, we will contact you to schedule a service call. Service call prices are listed on the website and cover the first hour of labor related to the problem. Payment is due at the time of the service.


An invoice will be sent every two months on the 1st for monthly service and is due by the end of the month it was sent.  Additional invoices may be sent throughout the month for parts or extra stuff. Those charges are due upon receipt.


We happily accept cash and checks.  Please notify us if cash is being left out.  Checks can be mailed in or sent from your bank. Most customers opt to use their banks auto-pay. Use your name or address as the account number if your bank requires it. Online payments can be made using a checking or savings account. If an invoice is not paid within the grace period, a late fee of $5.00 will be added to the account. Also, service may be suspended until past due amounts are paid.


Your monthly service charge is the same each month. However, some months have five service visits while others only have four.  We do not bill more for the months that have more visits. Over the year this comes to four extra visits for free.  We take those four days back throughout the year. We will take off your service day during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus two additional "floating" days. This comes to four days a year that you do not pay for and we take off.  You are responsible to take care of your pool while we are off.


All of these items can be taken care of, but at an additional cost: Correcting problems due to weather, abuse, neglect, pets, etc. Problems that are a result of worn out, missing or broken equipment.  Chemical additions for pools that leak, are accidentally overflowed, or accidentally drained (even partially). Extra weekly visits, lowering of chemical levels and cleaning up problems that arise while a pool awaits repairs. 

Additionally, there may be charges to: Turn solar on/off, reprogram digital systems, troubleshoot problems, add specialty chemicals, repair the cleaner, and give an “owner orientation”.


All pools must have a working cleaner.  It is impossible to estimate the cost of a cleaner repair at the pool site.  We encourage customers to take their own cleaners into a certified warranty center.  This ensures the quickest and most transparent process.  We can, upon request, take a cleaner in for repairs. However, we will not warrant or be responsible for the work done by the warranty center.

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